A Mild Climate!

6 Jun

It has warmed up significantly over the last 3 weeks and there is no longer any doubt as to whether summer has arrived for good in the Land of Sand. We have usually hit the high 3o’s by 9 in the morning. How would I know this you ask?

 Well I am mother to a particularly athletic little toddler who needs to run, ride and climb in order to be happy. So despite the soaring temperatures Luka (who incidentally is absolutely not interested in parting from his mother to attend the compound nursery for a few hours in the morning) and I hit the parks most mornings for a bit of sweaty fun. The upside is that he is completely shanked by the time we get home and I never have any issues with getting him to take his daily nap. And I have become used to that,  river of sweat running down your torso underneath your shirt feeling, so as long as we stay in the shade all is well. 

Of course after a few hours in the house over the middle of the day and an early afternoon swim we head to the park once again for another few hours of play. By this time all the other kids in the compound are climbing the walls being cooped up and the moms are all there in force. So at least we get to be sweaty and have a chat at the same time. It’s all good.

Yesterday Olaf took this pic with the camera on his mobile phone at some point in the day. And no it is not the countdown clock to the Soccer World Cup or the number of accidents on that road in the last hour it is the temperature…

IN DEGREES CELCIUS. Thank you very much!


3 Responses to “A Mild Climate!”

  1. Fay June 6, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    Hi Pipa! Well take it the possitive way….you don’t need gymnastics…..you sweat anyway and run in any case ;-)) Keep up the good spirit even when the summer is hell so now and then….
    Here in Holland is was fantastic weather for a few days and now we are waiting for thunder and lightning…..was probably to hot for Northen Europe (= 22 degrees C)….tssssss ;0
    Fay x

  2. Bandile June 7, 2010 at 5:13 pm #


  3. dustbusting June 8, 2010 at 8:04 am #

    Hey Mr Sikwane

    Good to hear from you! Olaf says you asked why I am not on FaceBook, not sure where he saw the question or message but he did tell me you sent something about it. I registered on FB, had a look around and decided that it is not for me. Sorry, not my thing. You can always send us an email dude!

    Love to you and Rach


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