Child Labour?

18 Jul

We got Luka to work at 6:30 this morning. The pool needed cleaning, the pool deck had to be swept…

 and finally all the plants needed watering.

It kept him and Jeb busy for 2 hours. Thank goodness Jeb is a kind-hearted and patient man who lets Luka assist him from time to time. Jeb actually seems to enjoy it, he has a 2-year-old daughter of his own back home in the Philippines.  He sees her very seldom due to the nature of life and work here so I think he has fun with Luka, who is Jeb’s biggest fan. I think it is a tough job being outside in the heat 6 days a week cleaning up for a bunch of people who get to sit in their air-conditioned houses all day.

He is a good man, our Jeb.


One Response to “Child Labour?”

  1. Gayle July 18, 2010 at 8:50 am #

    You see I told you I visit on a dailly basis. What lovely pictures I almost feel I’m sitting out there enjoying the company. Jeb & Luka seem to get along like a ‘house on fire’. Living in Saudi is such a good opportunity for Luka to meet people from all walks of life. He certainly has travelled around, especially for a little chap not quite 2yrs old yet. Thanks Pips!

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