Riding the Fastest Rollercoaster in the World

15 Mar

We managed to get out of Riyadh and over to Abu Dhabi and back again over the weekend without any problems. There was very little protesting on Saudi Arabia’s planned ‘Day of Rage’, thankfully. The big, talked about event in Riyadh this weekend… a hailstorm and heavy rain. Woo hoo!

The highlight of our trip to Abu Dhab’s; a visit to Ferrari World and a ride on THEFASTESTROLLERCOASTERINTHEWORLD!

I am not a big fan of theme parks. A holiday spent queueing for rides at Disney World or any other huge theme park sounds like a nightmare to me. Holidays should be spent swimming and playing cricket on the beach or something similar. But a chance to ride the BIG ONE had me jumping up and down in excitement and fear simultaneously.

Ferrari World is impressive. Like everything else in the modern Gulf states, it’s BIG.

We were advised to start out riding the little guy to warm up. Two rollercoasters that run on tracks next to one another, racing their way around at a mere 95km/h. The little guy just served to get the butterflies going for the big one.

Olaf and our friend Nic hit the big guy, known as Formula Rossa, first whilst Luka and I watched. Watching doesn’t ease your fear AT ALL. I had seriously sweaty palms just watching. The boys came back revved up (pun intended) and sporting new mohawk hairstyles! I handed Luka over and headed in. As I got into the queue, they were looking for one person willing to go without friends in a spare seat available for the next round. I quickly volunteered as I was going to do it on my own anyway. I soon realised that I was in a group with 3 middle-aged British men who had clearly already had a very busy morning(or possibly a very long night). As we were about to set off one of them uttered, “Well, I’ll probably be sober after this ride” NICE.

Let me just mention, before we begin, that this sucker accelerates from 0-240km/h in 5 secs and takes you 52 m up. Whilst getting dressed that morning I did take a moment to consider this information and what I was wearing given the days’ planned activities. I wore a simple, fitted, cross over top. Nothing that was low-cut or loose so that I would have absolutely no wardrobe malfunctions along the way.

There is no build-up of anticipation on this ride. You have absolutely no time to prepare. One second you are still and 2 seconds later you are travelling at triple digit speeds. You are completely unable to comprehend anything at all… except, of course, if your ‘safe’ top just blows wide open! Three seconds in and I take my hand off the handle bar to close my top as I have a strange, drunk, Brit sitting next to me. Not a good idea, feel like I am going to die, so quickly put my hand back down. At 240km/h you can’t even turn your head to look at the person sitting next to you so I’m not really sure what was going through my head but I was clearly determined to protect my modesty at all costs ( think I’ve been living in an ultra conservative country for far too long). At some point. probably about 4 seconds into the ride, I look down to see how much of myself I am exposing just as we are about to hit our first steep uphill. The force of the acceleration keeps my chip firmly stuck on my chest all the way up, I was absolutely unable to lift my head for about 10 seconds. After the initial shock to the system, it’s really good fun and well worth the fear it generates before hand.

Watch Felipe and Fernando (two Formula 1 drivers testing it out).

There are not that many rides for little people under 1 meter tall. Even family friendly rides require children to be over a meter tall but those that we could, we did a few times over. Luka drove me around Italy 3 times, he’s very considerate that way;-)




3 Responses to “Riding the Fastest Rollercoaster in the World”

  1. OPA & OMA March 16, 2011 at 9:42 am #

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow looksand sounds like you all had great fun

  2. sarahnsh March 16, 2011 at 4:39 pm #

    Looks like so much fun! And that first picture just makes it look gorgeous… and absolutely huge too. Glad to hear you guys had such a good time!

    • dustbusting March 27, 2011 at 4:58 am #

      It was fun, fun, fun! Nothing like a healthy dose of fear to reinvigorate body, mind and spirit!

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