Where ever he lays his head…

28 Mar

Just back from a quick 5km run in our recently acquired jogging stroller. It’s awesome and gives me the freedom to run everyday whenever it suits us (no babysitter required). We borrowed it from my friend, Rahiema, who lives in the compound and we’re definitely keeping it (your money is in my wallet Rahiema!) Luka is always rewarded for sitting in the stroller for half an hour or so, with playtime in the park after a run.

I love how kids feel no need to plan ahead or think about what they will be doing next. Obviously exhausted, soon after arriving back from our run and play outside I find Luka doing this…


It’s fairly clear from the evidence that he found a dummy somewhere, rode his bike up to the couch, climbed on and simply fell over sideways and slept. All in the short time it took me to hang up the washing.

Talk about living in the moment.


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