Cape Town

2 Aug

Hello Cape Town!

After bidding farewell to our lovely friends in The Land of Sand, we left Arabian Homes, tears streaming down our faces, and headed out with our favorite driver, Mr. Salaam.  The car was very quiet as we made our final 30 minute drive to King Khaled International Airport, except for a little voice who kept asking, ‘Why mommy and daddy crying?’.

Upon arrival at KKIA, all sentimentality disappeared very quickly as we joined the throngs of people squashed into seemingly never-ending rows heading for the check-in desks. The usual pushing and shoving in the poorly air-conditioned airport was a good reality check for us and suddenly getting on a plane and heading out of the summer heat seemed like the best thing to be doing.

After a short stop-over in Abu Dhabi and a peaceful overnight flight we landed in Cape Town. Visually, the change from the desert is always completely mind-blowing for us…EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The beauty of South Africa never fails to amaze us. The sky is bright blue and the air feels so fresh against your cheeks as you exit the airport building. Everything looks bright and clear compared to the dust-covered city of Riyadh and one almost can’t quite drink it all in on the drive into the city. It’s like having very dirty sunglasses removed after 6 months of not realizing that you even had them on in the first place. BUT THE COLD…oh my word! Cape Town winters are wet and chilly but the temperatures are fairly mild compared to countries in Europe. However,  felt like we were dying on the days when the mercury dropped below 16 degrees Celsius. The change from  45+ to 18 degrees and below just about killed us. We have since acclimatized a bit and we also have not had too many very cold days so things are looking up for ‘The Blue Brinkmanns’.

We are staying in an apartment in the suburb of Blouberg. It’s not my favorite area of Cape Town but on a warm, sunny day it’s fabulous to be near the sea. We are just over the road from the beach so Luka is able to get his full of the great outdoors (which keeps us all sane) and we get to hang out family often which is obviously part of the reason we come home. 

Olaf also got to celebrate his birthday in South Africa for the first time in many years. We spent an afternoon with family over the weekend…

and headed to a wine farm in the nearby Durbanville Hills on Monday (his actual birthday) with our friend, Gerda, who is also home on holiday from The Land Of Sand. We enjoyed a long, lazy lunch at Nitida, a wine farm, nestled between the mountains. The weather was perfect. We soaked up the sun, surrounded by spectacular vine-covered hills; chatting, laughing, savouring fabulous food and sipping the MOST delicious Sauvignon Blanc. A wonderful treat for us all!


2 Responses to “Cape Town”

  1. sarahnsh August 3, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    Are you excited to be out of the clothes that is required of you in the Land of Sand? Can you drive a car by yourself now too? I hope you guys are getting used to everything and enjoying it. It’s gotta be a little bit crazy to be out of the sand and in some grassy environment again, like taking off sandy goggles you had, I can imagine!

    • dustbusting August 7, 2011 at 9:26 am #

      It is great to be back home, Sarahnsh. To be honest, the abaya really never bothered me. I got so used to wearing it that it became normal for me. It can be a bit of a bind in summer when you really feel like wearing as little clothing as possible but end up being so covered up but otherwise it really was not a big deal at all.
      It is great to jump into my little Polo and go wherever I want to whenever I feel like it. You think that it will feel very stange to drive again but it is completely normal straight away, kinda like riding a bicycle, I suppose.

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